Accounting Services

What we Do Best


At Adler, Ezra & Associates, we are first and foremost an Accounting firm since our inception. We take pride in our experiences and in house specialties that we have developed over time. 


We Can Do it All

From accounting A to Z we have everything under one roof. Adler, Ezra & Associates are here to help your company grow or get back on track. Our process is proven to help excel your progress and growth. We have helped local businesses and Fortune companies. There is no task too small or large for our professional staff to assist.   

Bank Reconciliation

Align your current statements and accounts to make sure your records are as organized as possible.


With different levels of payroll, we can either assist and set up the process or complete a turnkey solution that allows you to focus on what’s important.

Book Keeping

Bookkeeping is the most important aspect of any well running company. Our professional staff will make sure all of your financial activities are recorded properly. This will ensure taxes and business decisions will be a walk in the park. 

Tax & Financial Legal Advice

Are you having problems with the IRS? Our in house financial attorneys will help your business efficiently and discreetly. 

Financial Analysis

Financial auditing, reporting, and projections are a big part of a successful business plan. Let us help you achieve your goals. 


Our Trademarked Process

The Interview

It’s very important we go through a Q&A session with our clients. Not every business
is the same so it is important that we get to know each and every one of their unique business situations. We provide a relaxing and non-invasive atmosphere, which creates a more trustworthy and open space.

The Accounting Process

In this process, Adler will take your financial information and apply the practice of accounting. Our Accounting and Bookkeeping professionals will always maintain a strict and disciplinary mindset whenever they work in a client’s books. After our analysis and work; we will transform your results into meaningful financial reports that will give you an overall picture in the health of your business.

Reporting & Recommendations

As a trusted advisor, we feel it is important to report the financial condition of a business as accurate as possible. It is just as equally important to us to make recommendations on inefficiencies based on what was uncovered from the previous 2 processes in order for our clients to grow.

From One Of Our Founders

Make Your Company Sucessful

Adler, Ezra & Associates was created with with specific goals in mind to help clients and clear misinformation. Our values were formed to make sure businesses and clients are taken care of with the best of care and preserve their financial futures. We pride ourselves and follow our core values by standing behind the integrity of our work and serving your needs first.