Additional Services


Adler Ezra offer additional services that can help sustain and grow your business or personal financial plans. If there is anything additional you may need please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

Navigating through the complex and often confusing world of mergers and acquisitions can be one of the most relentless tasks any organization may take. Let us assist to make the process as smooth as possible.

Human Resources

The heart of any company are its employees. We strive to help every business grow not only financially but also grow their team. From talent recruitment to managing benefits packages and risk management.

Private Client

Designed for our affluent clients, Adler Ezra & Associates look at the big picture of your financial outlook. From family office management to succession & estate planning.

“I came to Adler Ezra because I had a tax issue with my S-corp. However they not only straightened out my taxes, but helped me cut unnecessary business expenses and helped me realign my prices to match the market. (40% increase!) .”

—James Myers 

Why Adler?

At Adler Ezra, we will work diligently to represent and solve any issues brought upon to you from the IRS. Our passion for helping individuals and small businesses are at the outmost of core beliefs.  

Our firm prides on itself as being diligent, efficient, affordable, and at the very top….. Discrete about every case we handle.