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Adler, Ezra & Associates provides full consulting and fractional CFO services. Our team has knowledge spanning over many industries and verticals. We have the tools and experience to help. 

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, let our trusted consultants provide you ways in doing so.
Adler relies in our many years of experience in strategic planning, feasibility studies, IT evaluations,
estate planning, and mergers & acquisitions to help you grow your business.

We will examine your overall business and its current processes from the current pricing strategy to your IT infrastructure. Once our due diligence is over, we sit down with our clients and discuss the best options given their goals, needs and wants.


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Consulting Strategies

What We Do Best

Pricing Strategies

Adler Ezra will examine your company’s pricing strategy and compare that with the rest of the market. We also look within your demographic region in order to maximize growth potential
in a competitive environment such as yours.

Strategic / Ops Planning

Our job is to help realize your vision
through careful planning and execution of events designed to bring your dreams and goals into reality.

Tax Planning strategies

Adler Ezra will help you navigate through the ever so complicated world of taxes. Each business owner will have different goals and needs. Those needs and goals can be achieved if proper tax planning is put in place. Situations can vary from determining certain tax deductions to establishing retirement plans. 

Business Structure Evaluation

Not all businesses are created equally. With that in mind, some may not be structured properly in order to get the maximum benefit the law allows.
Adler Ezra will take the time to educate and examine your busines in order to come to a recommendation that best fits your situation.

Human Resources

We will evaluate your business needs so that your compliance worries will be in the past. Our team of HR experts will determine compliance, needs and even educate you on the various HR and Labor laws so that you can minimize your chances of any kind of future lawsuit.

Finance & Accounting Consulting

Adler Ezra has been in the Finance and Accounting for over 40+ years. Our Professionals will evaluate your Company’s finance & accounting needs
to determine its optimal working capacity. 

From One Of Our Founders

Make Your Company Successful

Adler, Ezra & Associates was created with with specific goals in mind to help clients and clear misinformation. Our values were formed to make sure businesses and clients are taken care of with the best of care and preserve their financial futures. We pride ourselves and follow our core values by standing behind the integrity of our work and serving your needs first.